2017 State Visual Arts KAP Winner

4-H’er Amelia from the Lucky Clover 4-H Club was awarded the 2017 Kansas State Visual Arts KAP.  Her KAP was chosen to go to Regional Judging by the Johnson County judges, then chosen by the Regional judges to go to State level competition.  At each level, she was given comments and time to rewrite.  As a KAP winner, Amelia was invited to make a presentation at the Friends of 4-H Foundation event at Rock Springs in July.  I asked her some questions about her experience with KAP.

How did you decide to apply for the Visual Arts KAP?

Amelia: “I had seen people in my club receive awards at the county achievement banquet for KAPs. I thought it sounded interesting so I went to a session on KAPs at the Extension office, held the same night as Officer Training and the Project Fair. 4-H has been my life over the past few years, so while it did seem difficult, it didn’t initially seem like that much more work than I typically put into 4-H. I focused my KAP on basketry.”

What did you learn about the process?

Amelia: “KAPs are not something that one can decide to do at the last minute. It takes a lot of effort not only to do enough leadership and citizenship, but also to fill out all the paperwork associated with it.”

What was the best part of winning the State KAP?

Amelia: “There were lots of good parts. I was able to do lots of interesting things for the KAP; I learned a lot of different things, but I think the best part was getting to attend the Emerald Circle Banquet.”

What would you want to do differently?

Amelia: “I wanted to incorporate more aspects of Visual Arts. I mainly focused on basketry, and while I was able to make a glass project and a leather project, I was not able to do as many different things as I wanted to.”

What would you like other 4-H’ers to know about the KAP process?

Amelia: “It’s a very difficult and complex process, but it is totally worth it in the end. I spent countless hours working on my Visual Arts KAP. Even if I hadn’t won anything, I still think it is one of the more valuable 4-H experiences I have had.”

How long did the application take for you to complete?

Amelia: “I started planning the Fall of 2015.  I “scheduled” events to match the KAP requirements.  I spent hours teaching others how to make baskets and hours making baskets.  I spent over 40 hours creating the actual KAP application.”

What now?

Amelia: “I’m still working with visual arts and basketry, and I plan to until I graduate.”

Interview of Amelia by Maddie, Lucky Clover 4-H Club Reporter

Amelia and Lee Sigley at Emerald Circle

Presentation Friends of 4-H Foundation

Roasterie Tour

The Lucky Clover 4-H Club visited the Roasterie on August 19, 2017. We learned how coffee was grown, harvested, roasted, and brewed. They explained how their company uses air roasting, unlike many other companies. Other companies use a process called drum roasting.  Air roasting gives the beans more uniformity. We learned how much coffee a coffee tree produces per year (2 pounds of green beans per year), and got a tour of the roasting factory. After the tour, our guide demonstrated several methods of brewing their coffee. We all got to taste samples of the coffee.  The Roasterie has a merchandise area and a coffee bar where you can purchase various coffee drinks.  Our club members and their parents enjoyed this tour!

Back row: Mr. and Mrs. Dunn, Davis, Mrs. Mullin, Mrs. Boggs, Mr. Mullin, Katrina Front row: Molly, Kylee, Maddie, Jamie, Evan, Nathan, Amelia

Lucky Clover 4-H Club Member on the National Johnson County BB Team

Abby, a member of the Lucky Clover 4-H Club and the Johnson County BB Team, recently competed at the 2017 Daisy BB Nationals where the Johnson County BB Team took third out of 71 teams.  The Johnson County team had to qualify at certain tournaments to qualify for the national tournament, and Johnson County won first place in all 3 qualifying tournaments. Abby, along with the other members of the team were invited onto the national team based on their match scores at the tournaments. At nationals, everyone on the team improved their scores. Abby performed her highest score in the prone and kneeling positions.

Abby has been shooting since November, 2016, when she first started with the SPIN club. She practices 1 to 2 times per week. Her favorite part of going to the national tournament was the extra activities that Daisy provided. Her favorite part of shooting sports was improving her scores.

Abby plans on participating on the BB Team next year, and she also participates on the Johnson County Air Pistol Team. She wants to work with the Air Rifle Team also, next year. If she would do anything differently, she would like to be more patient with shots she wasn’t happy about and move on from there. “One shot at a time” is what the coach tells her.


Abby, prone position

Abby, kneeling position

Abby, sitting position

Abby, standing position

Johnson County BB Team
Back Row: Chase
Front Row: Abby, Daniel, Ben, John, Jacob, Michael

Johnson County BB Team
Abby, Daniel, Ben, Chase, John, Jacob, Michael

Great Plains SPCA Donations

Member of the Lucky Clover 4-H Club have been collecting boxes, old t-shirts, and paper towel rolls for the last several months. Following our February 14,2017 meeting, Nathan A., a member of the Community Service Committee, showed the members of our club how to make dog and cat toys to donate to the Great Plains SPCA.

For the cats, club members made Hidey Houses – These were made out of boxes covered with a t-shirt, with the neck as the opening.  Cats love hiding in them! Club members also made 3 different cat toys out of toilet paper rolls – 1) Ring Ball (cut rolls into thin circles and fit them together into balls), 2) Sunshine Toy (cut edges of roll into tabs and fold tabs outward, creating a “sunshine” look), and 3) Treat Rattle (fold down edges of roll, and fill the roll with cat treats).  For the dogs, club members made pull toys made out of braided t-shirt strips. Our club made 25 Hidey Houses, 19 pull toys, and 67 cat toys. That’s 111 toys in all, thanks to the members of the Lucky Clover 4-H Club.

Bret and Nathan – Making Sunshine Toys and Treat Rattles

Evan, Jaime, and Maddie – Making braided pull toys

Back Row: Savannah, Brooke, Summer, Jaden, Abby, Davis, Maddie, Katrina

Front Row: Max, Bret, Amelia, Evan, Barron, Jamie, Lanie, Nathan


Ideas for the cat toys came from www.catster.com/lifestyle/5-diy-cat-toys-made-from-empty-tp-rolls

2016 Achievement Celebration

The theme for the 2016 “Achievements Banquet” was “Hats off to 4-H!”

Our club got a purple on our community service! Great job to the whole club! Our club has been very active this year, and we have done many fun and exciting activities. We’re looking forward to a great 2016-2017 4-H year!

Achievement Celebration Committee: Davis, Katrina, Kathy

  • Thank you, Katrina, for designing the program cover!

2015-2016 Ambassadors: Davis, Amelia

Demonstration Special Awards: Maddie, Nathan

4-Leaf Medallion: Jamie – Foods and Nutrition

KAP Applicants: Amelia – Visual Arts


Membership Pins

Cloverbud: Evan

Membership: Barron, Rebecca

Bronze: Jamie

Clover: Jaden, Abby

Emerald: Nathan, Jake

Silver: Maddie, Kylee, Joshua

Silver Guard: Molly, Katrina

Leadership: Davis

Gold: Amelia

Camp Counselor: Amelia

Officer Pins

President: Amelia

Vice President: Davis

Secretary: Katrina

Treasurer: Molly

Reporter: Nathan

Historian: Kylee

Council Representatives: Davis, Amelia

Corresponding Secretary: Maddie

2015-2016 Club Leaders: Barb, Kathy, Jean

1st Year Leaders: Barb

5-Year Leader: Kathy

Monthly Meetings

The Lucky Clover 4-H Club holds meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM. Our meetings are held in the basement at GracePoint Church, 5425 Martindale, Shawnee, KS 66218.

2015-2016 Monthly Meeting Schedule:

October 13, 2015

November 10, 2015

December 8, 2015

January 12, 2016

February 9, 2016

March 8, 2016

April 12, 2016

May 10, 2016

June 14, 2016

July 12, 2016

August 9, 2016

September 13, 2016

About 4-H…


Hello, 4-H’ers. If you like to be crafty or like to paint, sew or care for animals, then 4-H is for you! It helps you learn to stand up and give talks, how to act in skits, and so much more! Some things that our club likes to do, are… dog training, sewing, art, crafts, ceramics, cake decorating, curing hams, electricity, photography and foods. You can also enroll in projects like cattle, goats, rabbits and many more things with animals! If you like to do any of those things, then join the Lucky Clover 4-H Club!

If you want to learn more about 4-H or the Lucky Clover 4-H Club, then contact Barb Boggs:

Barb Boggs
Phone: 913-544-6548
email: bjs317@hotmail.com

Also, the Johnson County 4-H/Youth Development website has additional helpful information.