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Lucky Clover 4-H Club Member on the National Johnson County BB Team

Abby, a member of the Lucky Clover 4-H Club and the Johnson County BB Team, recently competed at the 2017 Daisy BB Nationals where the Johnson County BB Team took third out of 71 teams.  The Johnson County team had to qualify at certain tournaments to qualify for the national tournament, and Johnson County won first place in all 3 qualifying tournaments. Abby, along with the other members of the team were invited onto the national team based on their match scores at the tournaments. At nationals, everyone on the team improved their scores. Abby performed her highest score in the prone and kneeling positions.

Abby has been shooting since November, 2016, when she first started with the SPIN club. She practices 1 to 2 times per week. Her favorite part of going to the national tournament was the extra activities that Daisy provided. Her favorite part of shooting sports was improving her scores.

Abby plans on participating on the BB Team next year, and she also participates on the Johnson County Air Pistol Team. She wants to work with the Air Rifle Team also, next year. If she would do anything differently, she would like to be more patient with shots she wasn’t happy about and move on from there. “One shot at a time” is what the coach tells her.


Abby, prone position

Abby, kneeling position

Abby, sitting position

Abby, standing position

Johnson County BB Team
Back Row: Chase
Front Row: Abby, Daniel, Ben, John, Jacob, Michael

Johnson County BB Team
Abby, Daniel, Ben, Chase, John, Jacob, Michael