Monthly Archives: July 2021

Lucky Clovers Fantastic in the Fashion Review!!!!

2021 was the Lucky Clovers year in the Fashion Review. There were six Lucky Clovers that participated in the Public Review; Nathan, Maddie, Lauren, Amelia, Jaden and Barron. All six modeled in the buymanship category. Lauren, Amelia and Maddie also modeled their very own sewn garments and Barron competed in the $15 and under challenge. All six did an amazing job in the Fashion and Public Reviews. Maddie was awarded the female overall Grand Champion and Nathan won the male overall Grand Champion. Maddie and Nathan will go on to compete at the State Fair in September. Good Luck Maddie and Nathan!!!

What I Did to Win a State KAP in Photography?

First let me tell you that working toward a KAP is a year long undertaking. I tried to accomplish one thing a month to make a well rounded project. In October it started with attending Cameras at the Springs for Photography Project Leader Training. That experience inspired me to take on much more in the photography project.

Here are a list of most of the things I was able to complete:

  • Present what I learned to my club photography project members
  • Work with club reporter to write article about the C.A.T.S. Photography Training for Clover Clips
  • Submitted changes to the Wyandotte and Johnson County Fair books to align with Kansas State Fair photography categories
  • Attend Miami County Photography Workshop
  • Created and led County Photography Project meetings
  • Attended North East Kansas 4-H Photography Workshop
  • Created Photography BINGO for 4-H at Home on the Johnson County Extension Website and on Social Media
  • Donated photo props for cats and dogs to the Great Plains ASPCA animal shelter for adoption photos
  • Shared photos taken at various 4-H events to club and county historian
  • Completed Photo Imaging Class at Mill Valley High School
  • Shared photos taken at nursing home of residents and family members

Back Together!

On May 18, 2021 after a 15 month absence The Lucky Clover 4-H Club was able to hold a meeting at the Monticello Library in Shawnee, Kansas. This is the preferred meeting place for our club, but due to the COVID pandemic closing down public library meeting places we were unable to use the space. The Lucky Clovers have met at public parks, the county extension office and over zoom for over a year. Many comments were made about how members have gotten taller and changed in the past year. It was fantastic to be in person again.