2016 Achievement Celebration

The theme for the 2016 “Achievements Banquet” was “Hats off to 4-H!”

Our club got a purple on our community service! Great job to the whole club! Our club has been very active this year, and we have done many fun and exciting activities. We’re looking forward to a great 2016-2017 4-H year!

Achievement Celebration Committee: Davis, Katrina, Kathy

  • Thank you, Katrina, for designing the program cover!

2015-2016 Ambassadors: Davis, Amelia

Demonstration Special Awards: Maddie, Nathan

4-Leaf Medallion: Jamie – Foods and Nutrition

KAP Applicants: Amelia – Visual Arts


Membership Pins

Cloverbud: Evan

Membership: Barron, Rebecca

Bronze: Jamie

Clover: Jaden, Abby

Emerald: Nathan, Jake

Silver: Maddie, Kylee, Joshua

Silver Guard: Molly, Katrina

Leadership: Davis

Gold: Amelia

Camp Counselor: Amelia

Officer Pins

President: Amelia

Vice President: Davis

Secretary: Katrina

Treasurer: Molly

Reporter: Nathan

Historian: Kylee

Council Representatives: Davis, Amelia

Corresponding Secretary: Maddie

2015-2016 Club Leaders: Barb, Kathy, Jean

1st Year Leaders: Barb

5-Year Leader: Kathy