Great Plains SPCA Donations

Member of the Lucky Clover 4-H Club have been collecting boxes, old t-shirts, and paper towel rolls for the last several months. Following our February 14,2017 meeting, Nathan A., a member of the Community Service Committee, showed the members of our club how to make dog and cat toys to donate to the Great Plains SPCA.

For the cats, club members made Hidey Houses – These were made out of boxes covered with a t-shirt, with the neck as the opening.  Cats love hiding in them! Club members also made 3 different cat toys out of toilet paper rolls – 1) Ring Ball (cut rolls into thin circles and fit them together into balls), 2) Sunshine Toy (cut edges of roll into tabs and fold tabs outward, creating a “sunshine” look), and 3) Treat Rattle (fold down edges of roll, and fill the roll with cat treats).  For the dogs, club members made pull toys made out of braided t-shirt strips. Our club made 25 Hidey Houses, 19 pull toys, and 67 cat toys. That’s 111 toys in all, thanks to the members of the Lucky Clover 4-H Club.

Bret and Nathan – Making Sunshine Toys and Treat Rattles

Evan, Jaime, and Maddie – Making braided pull toys

Back Row: Savannah, Brooke, Summer, Jaden, Abby, Davis, Maddie, Katrina

Front Row: Max, Bret, Amelia, Evan, Barron, Jamie, Lanie, Nathan


Ideas for the cat toys came from