Article Spotlights

The Lucky Clover 4-H Club visited the Roasterie on August 19, 2017. We learned how coffee was grown, harvested, roasted, and brewed. They explained how their company uses air roasting, unlike many other companies. Other companies use a process called drum roasting.  Air roasting gives the beans more uniformity. We learned how much coffee a coffee tree produces per year (2 pounds of green beans per year), and got a tour of the roasting factory. After the tour, our guide demonstrated several methods of brewing their coffee. We all got to taste samples of the coffee.  The Roasterie has a merchandise area and a coffee bar where you can purchase various coffee drinks.  Our club members and their parents enjoyed this tour!

Back row: Mr. and Mrs. Dunn, Davis, Mrs. Mullin, Mrs. Boggs, Mr. Mullin, Katrina Front row: Molly, Kylee, Maddie, Jamie, Evan, Nathan, Amelia