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48 Hours of 4-H Food Drive

On Saturday, October 8, 2016, as a part of 48 Hours of 4-H, the Lucky Clover 4-H Club held a canned food drive at Walmart for the Shawnee Community Services Food Bank. Throughout the day, 32 4-H’ers and adults handed out flyers to people who were walking into Walmart. Others held up signs to advertise for our drive. The flyers included information on the purpose of the food drive as well as what items were needed.  The shopping list was very helpful as people shopped in Walmart.  We were also accepting money donations, and we collected a total of $620.92 and 1,217 items from shoppers. We were very successful, and were glad to help out Shawnee Community Services!

Amelia, Greg, Katrina, Joshua













2016 Johnson County Fair Results

The 4-H’ers of the Lucky Clover 4-H Club did very well at the Johnson County Fair this year!

Here are some notes about their results:

This was Barron’s first year he was old enough to show anything at the fair. So he was excited and went through three conference judgings.  He got a purple on Nature craft for his painted gourd birdhouse, blue ribbons in Ceramics for his painted dolphin, in Energy Management for making and wiring a bottle table lamp, and in Forestry leaf collection and purple for his lot in Forestry for his age division. In Plant Science, many veggies from the garden all receiving blues and purples. Barron’s highlights were how proud he was when he turned on his lamp and it worked the first time and getting the larger purple ribbon for winning his lot in Forestry.

This was Jaden’s 3rd year at the fair. She got a Purple in Foods for Pumpkin crumble quick bread and M&M Oat bars, a blue in ceramics for a painted angel, a blue in art for birch trees in winter, and a blue in her Forestry leaf collection. In plant science, many veggies from the garden all received blues and purples, and her purple cabbage went on to get Reserve Grand Champion.  Her highlights were that her pumpkin crumble bread went into the championship judging round. Last year her bread got a red and she worked at perfecting her bread baking by applying the feedback she got from the judge in 2015. It was a very good lesson on how it can pay off to practice and taking a critique to heart. The other stand out was getting the Reserve Grand Champion for the cabbage, which to her surprise came with a $20 award via a donation from a family memorial.

Both kids came out of the fair thinking about what projects they might want to try next year and that makes their mom proud that they are excited to try new things.

Abby got a blue on basket weaving, a blue on her green and blue ceramic pot, a purple on her black and white rattlesnake photo, and top purple in plant science (forestry) for her leaf collection. At the state fair, she got a blue on the black and white rattlesnake photo, and Grand Champion on her leaf collection (plant science/forestry).

Nicolas made amazing blueberry muffins that got a purple ribbon. He entered his pig and took a blue in showmanship. He also auctioned off his pig.

Isabel made amazing lemon cupcakes with lemon butter cream frosting which earned her a purple ribbon. She got a blue in showmanship with her pig Charlotte. Charlotte was also sold at the auction. Isabel is most proud of the skirt she made in sewing.  She worked very hard on this project, and she got a purple ribbon. It was her first time to do a zipper.

Jamie was very proud of how she did at the fair this year. She got 3 blues in crafts, a red in ceramics, a blue on her woodworking, a blue on her cherry tomatoes, a purple on her reading poster and 3 blues, 1 red and 1 purple on her foods. Jamie is most proud of her Apple Poster for Foods as she received a purple and a special award for the best poster. Jamie learned a lot this year and can’t wait to try something harder in woodworking next year.

Evan was a Cloverbud this year and took two projects to talk to Mr. & Miss 4-H during Show and Share. Evan showed a turtle he made as a craft and a piece of wood he cut and stained himself for a sign for his aunt’s wedding. Evan was very proud of talking to Miss 4-H and can’t wait until next year when he’s officially a 4-H member.

Nathan is most proud of his robe and his entomology because they did very well in the fair – His robe got a purple, and his entomology got Champion.  His demonstration and lemon blueberry muffins also got purple ribbons, so all 4 projects went on to the state fair.  At the state fair, his entomology and muffins got purples, and his demonstration and clothing got blues.  He is glad that he did this well in the fair this year, and he hopes he do as well next year.

Maddie is most proud of her entomology because it got a Reserve Champion at county fair and a blue ribbon at state fair. She got a blue ribbon on her blouse and received purple in modeling. Her demonstration got a Reserve Champion at county fair, and a blue at state. She got a blue on her craft project. In open class, her black and white photo got 3rd place in her division and blue at the state fair. She did very well at the fair this year, and is glad that she entered all of her work in the fair. She can’t wait for next year!

Jake did very well at the county fair this year.  He won First Place Blue Ribbon for the  Heavy Weight Crossbred Pig Class, he won blue ribbons in Swine Showmanship and Bucket Calf and a red ribbon in Yorkshire Pig Class.  He competed in the Livestock Judging Contest but didn’t place.  He learned how to feed, groom and show his animals, and he is most proud of showing his animals at his first county fair.

Davis got blue for all of his projects: a table for woodworking, basket in crafts and a box made from cassette tapes and floppy disk entered in crafts. He is most proud of the table, and he learned to be more careful when measuring woodworking projects so that the diagram for the judge is exactly correct.

Katrina got blue for her basket and Tablet Holder for woodworking and red for her pencil drawing and computer drawing.  She is most proud of her Tablet Holder, and she learned that baskets take a long time to make.

Amelia got a purple on her dress, a blue on her table, a blue on her cheesecake, Grand Champion on her basket, and Grand Champion on her geocache box. Her dress and geocache went to state and both received blues. Her basket was entered in open class at state fair and got Best of Show Runner Up. The best part of state fair is always chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. The best part of county fair was Barnyard Olympics.

Kaylee received a purple ribbon in foods at the county.  She is most proud of being able to make a gluten free item that tastes really good on her own, and she learned that sitting down with the Judges and talking about her entry wasn’t so bad.  She took her Gluten-Free Lemon Bars to the state fair where she earned a purple ribbon there as well.

Savannah, Summer, and Brooke all took foods, photography, and plants to the county fair. Savannah and Summer also took crocheting and each presented a table setting.  At the state fair, all three participated in the photo judging contest. The team earned 10th place and Summer earned 9th place individually.  Savannah’s favorite item was whole wheat snickerdoodles. She took her black and white photo to the state fair and received a blue. She also took a whole wheat loaf and received a red.  Summer’s favorite item was a decorated cake. She took her black and white photo to the state fair and received a blue. She also took her candies which got a purple.  Brooke’s favorite item was a purse made of duct tape. She took a color photo to the state fair which got a blue ribbon, and her strawberry jam which got a red.

Derik entered 2 photos and received a purple in photography at the county fair, and red on his black and white photo at state fair.

Kylee entered several items and received 4 purples in foods.

Molly also entered several items and received a purple in crafts, 5 in foods, and 1 in photography at county fair, and she received a blue in foods and photography at the state fair.

Rebecca received several blue ribbons in art, crafts, clothing, foods, and a purple ribbon for her poster.

Joshua received 2 purples in home environment.

Carson got a purple ribbon for his wheat exhibit.

The Lucky Clover 4-H Club is very happy about how well they did at the fair this year and are excited for next year!


Junior Leader Community Service Project

On April 23, 2016, the Lucky Clover 4-H Club Junior Leaders went to Shawnee Community Services to help shelve bread for the needy in Shawnee. They were there for 3 hours, and when they got there, all of the bread shelves were empty. By the time they left, each shelf was piled full of bread. The Junior Leaders filled the shelves with over 6,000 items. The Junior Leaders had a lot of fun and enjoyed helping others, and they hope to do it again next year.

Junior Leaders who participated were Jacob, Davis, Amelia, Maddie, Derik, and Joshua along with Mrs. Mense.

Shawnee Community Services - group Shawnee Community Services - Amelia, Davis Shawnee Community Services - Amelia, Maddie Shawnee Community Services - Joshua Shawnee Community Services - Maddie Shawnee Community Services - Maddie, Davis


Johnson County 4-H Day Results

Johnson County 4-H days were held Saturday, February 13, 2016 at Wheatridge Middle School in Gardner.  The Lucky Clover 4-H Club was well represented, and the results follow.

Maddie: Intermediate Piano Solo – Purple, Intermediate Demonstration – Blue, Intermediate Flute Solo – Blue

Nathan: Piano Solo – Top Purple, Junior Demonstration – Purple

Katrina: Intermediate Demonstration – Red

Lauren: Intermediate Piano Solo – Blue

Abby: Intermediate Demonstration – Purple

Amelia: Senior Vocal Solo – Purple, Senior Impromptu – Blue

Davis: Senior Demonstration – Blue

Joshua: Intermediate Vocal Solo – Top Purple, Intermediate Demonstration – Blue

Jamie: Junior Demonstration – Blue

Brooke: Junior Demonstration – Blue

Savannah: Intermediate Demonstration – Blue

Evan: Cloverbud Show and Share – Participation Ribbon

Our club skit, “The Skit Committee”  received Top Purple. Thanks to all members for a terrific performance and hard work!

Those entries that received a Top Purple (our club skit, Nathan’s piano solo, and Joshua’s vocal solo) will go on to Regional 4-H Day on March 19.

Our club should be very proud of the hard work, dedication, creativity, and skill that went into Club Days!


2015 Achievements Banquet

The theme for the 2015 “Achievements Banquet” was “A Picture Perfect 4-H Year.”

Our club got a purple on our community service! Great job to the whole club! Our club has been very active this year, and we have done many fun and exciting activities. Let’s hope this year will be as exciting!

Achievement Celebration Committee: Davis, Katrina, and Kathy

2014-2015 Ambassadors: Michaela

Key Award: Michaela

State Scholarship Recipient: Michaela

4-Leaf Medallion: Jaden – Plant Science

Officer Pins

Club President: Michaela and John

Club Vice President: Riley and Amelia

Club Secretary: Molly

Treasurer: Davis

Historian: Kylee

Parliamentarian: Jacob

Reporter: Maddie

2015 Club Leaders: Meredith, Kathy, Jean, and Neileen

Membership Pins

Membership pin: Jamie

Bronze pin: Jaden, Abby

Clover pin: Nathan

Emerald pin:  Maddie, Kylee

Silver pin: Molly, Katrina

Silver guard: Davis

Leadership: Amelia

First Year Leader: Julie


2015 Seniors: Michaela, Riley


Rose Estates Country Fair

Rose Estates Assisted Living Community sponsored a country fair for Johnson County 4-H members on October 3, 2015. Club members took a variety of their projects to display and discuss with Rose Estates residents. Lucky Clover was well represented. We had a number of projects on display including arts and crafts, woodworking, sewing, photography, and basket weaving.

Each member described their project and answered questions from residents. The Rose Estates residents then passed out ribbons for each project. Rose Estates treated us to lunch after the fair.

Everyone enjoyed this activity, and we hope to do it next year!! =)


2015 Johnson County Fair Results

The 4-H’ers of the Lucky Clover 4-H Club did very well at the Johnson County Fair this year!

John put a lot of work into a woodworking project this year. He built a chest with 2 pull out drawers and the main chest is lined with cedar. He received a purple ribbon on his project. Because of the humidity, he spent the last few weeks staining and varnishing it in the kitchen! John has a food item, an herb, and a pumpkin going to the state fair.

This was Jaden’s 2nd year at the fair.  She is most proud of the Forestry Project because it is the most time intensive of her 4-H projects, and she received Grand Champion.  This year she received helpful feedback on her quick bread from the foods judge, about how to grease the pan next time and the importance of the baking dish material in relation to the color of the final product. The Forestry Project will be going to the State Fair along with Jaden, Barron, Mom and lots of cousins, aunts and uncles that go every year. This year they’ll all get to see Jaden’s project in Centennial Hall. Next year, her brother, Barron will get to enter things in the county fair, so he got some ideas about projects that he saw displayed this year.  The whole family enjoys going to the fair’s demolition derby!

This was Amelia’s fourth year to enter something, but her first year to do foods, woodworking, and to enter the auction. She is most proud of getting two purple ribbons in photography. She had never gotten anything above a blue. She is also proud that in the basketry project as the club had 4 purples and 1 blue. She is hopeful that this means good things about her teaching skills. The woman who judged her gluten free brownies told her she didn’t like chocolate, but she gave Amelia a purple on them.  She is taking one of her photos to state.

This was Jamie’s first year to enter in the fair. She is most proud of the basket she made with Amelia. She learned that it takes a lot of patience to make a basket. And it’s important to tell the judge about your project and how you made it. Jamie liked helping in the Food Stand and writing down the orders. She enjoyed seeing all the project opportunities that are available to get to do and wants to add gardening next year.

Will received a purple ribbon on his mocha truffles and pound cake. His povitica got overall grand champion in the senior division and in open class.

Kelly is most proud of her accomplishments in cake decorating with her cupcakes. She made cookies with sesame seeds and soy which was an interesting recipe and a great learning experience.  She received champion for cake decorating cupcakes and received champion for the junior age division with her Almond Joy cupcakes. Her Almond Joy cupcakes are going to state fair.

This was Isabel’s 2nd year and Nicolas’ 1st year.  Nicolas enjoyed learning more about bugs in entomology but had the most fun with finding and catching the bugs!  Isabel learned how to zest a lemon for her lemon cookies.  While Nicolas learned all about how to correctly measure the necessary ingredients for his cooking projects, Isabel enjoyed learning more about sewing and is anxious to get started on her sewing project for next year.

Nathan is most proud of his forgotten cookies and his talk because they did very well in the fair – His cookies got Reserve Champion, and his talk got Grand Champion.  He is glad that he did this well in the fair this year, and he hopes he do as well next year.

Maddie is most proud of her hedgehog cupcakes because they got a purple ribbon and were in the running for champion. She got a purple ribbon on her pajama set and received champion in modeling. Her demonstration got a blue, and her crafts got purple ribbons. In open class, her quilted pillowcase got a blue ribbon! Her blouse, foods poster, and photography are going to the state fair. She did very well at the fair this year, and is glad that she entered all of her work in the fair. She can’t wait for next year!

Kylee and Molly did very well at the fair this year. Kylee’s Snickerdoodle Bread and Molly’s Pinwheel cookies are going to the state fair.

Davis got 3 blues on his basket, cupcakes, and cutting board for woodworking. Katrina got 2 blues on her cupcakes and her cutting board. She also got a purple ribbon on her basket. Katrina learned that it takes forever to sand wood by hand, and Davis appreciated learning how to use power tools while working on the silhouette.

The Lucky Clover 4-H Club is very happy about how well they did at the fair this year and are excited for next year!